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This work of romantic fiction begins in London towards the end of the Second World War and moves to post-war Crete. The story opens when, for one night only, Ruby Biggs forgets she is engaged and with her friend Edie  embarks on a date with two GI’s.  Their plan, to seek a little harmless fun, is suddenly disrupted when a V2 rocket explodes.  Ruby is knocked into a shop doorway and finds herself catapulted into an unexpected romantic adventure which plays out in the subterranean labyrinth beneath Selfridge’s Department Store.  Her seducer must return to Crete where a civil war is brewing.  Back in London a shocking secret is revealed and Ruby finds herself in trouble.  Was she just a wartime dalliance or will she be reunited with that handsome Greek?.  There are hearts to be mended and scars to be healed in this fast paced tale of love, loss and redemption.  The characters are well defined and Jane adds pathos and light heartedness to times that were hard and brutal.  Another excellent read from this talented Indie Author.

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Latest Reviews… I bought the Kindle version, and found this a fun and relaxing read. The London wartime part was well researched – perhaps almost too well as the Woodbines and other vintage decade-appropriate items abounded on the pages – but that gave an authentic feel and almost I began to picture the scenes as a movie in black and white. As we moved to Crete, the inevitable envy struck: the if-only of being able to settle down in the sunny Mediterranean on an as-yet unspoilt holiday island. Finally when all comes right for the central couple, there’s the birth scene: belief suspended here as a mum of twins, lucky girl to slide so easily through that one. Whatever, I think, it’s a lovely romantic fairytale of a story, a very enjoyable romcom of a book. And another… Not your average romance. There were surprises throughout; unpredictable to the extent that I looked forward to how I was to be surprised next. Jane Carling has a neat turn of phrase, great use of English, and the use of humour is subtle and clever. There is historical detail which has been well researched and which I found most interesting. I very much enjoyed Pandora’s Box but found Ruby’s New Coat would be one to re-read sooner rather than later. Looking forward to the next book. 

Pandora’s Box
First novel published 2013 available on Amazon

Kat Carrington finally opens the box containing her dead sister’s effects and unleashes an intrigue spanning 40 years.  She finds a cryptic note and is shocked to discover her junkie sister had a child and the only person who knows is the elusive multi-billionaire, Manolis Magnitis. Circumstances force her to gate-crash a prestigious event where they meet and are immediately attracted to each other, unaware of each other’s identity.
Coincidences compound when she discovers his brother was killed in the same accident as her sister. Reluctantly Manolis flies her to Greece to meet her nephew. Kat is seduced by the idyllic surroundings and soon hot passion erupts. Manolis’s mother, Eleni, a lady with a past and secrets, tries to prevent the budding romance with her son. Fate, however deals a blow and Kat and Eleni face a terrifying ordeal. Will their lives ever be the same again?

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